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Project Description

Find My Car

Available for: iPhone
Danish & English
Programming language: Swift
Teknologier: In-App purchases, CoreLocation, Push Notifications, NSUserDefaults, AdMob, CocoaPods, FBSDK


Are you the type who can not remember where you parked your car? Or do you get parking fines because you forgot to set the Parking-disc?

With our new app, Find My Car, you have the option to receive a reminder when your Parking-disc is about to run out if you’re in a time-limited zone. Find My Car is convenient when you are visiting non-familiar places or just want to be sure to find your car. It takes only a few steps to get started.

  • Park your car with the app.
  • Open the app when you go home
  • Navigate with the help of the built-in GPS in your iPhone

Find My Car is owned and supported by Grumsen Development ApS.

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