Should your employees have an app where they can report work time or document the task done? Or do you have an idea for an app that will make life easier for you, your employees or your customers? Then you’ve come to the right place. We are experts in developing smart and functional native apps for both iOS and Android.


Apps for Android and iOS are developed in two different languages, each offering a number of advantages over access and utilization of hardware and operating system software. Such apps are called native apps. If an app is to be used in both operating systems, one can choose to develop a so-called hybrid app instead of two apps for the two different operating systems. A hybrid app is cheaper to develop, but it does not have the same capabilities as an app developed in the operating system’s own language. A native app works better and more efficiently than a hybrid app. At Grumsen Development we are experts in developing native apps for iOS and Android.

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We help you develop the concept and are there for you throughout the development process. No matter how wild or unconscious your idea is, we help you get it under control. Through one or more meetings, we concretise the purpose of the app and prepare sketches of how it should function and look. When we have a ready-made concept that you are happy with, we will start developing the app.

During the development phase, we continuously supply test versions so that you can keep up with developments. We emphasize that you are involved and satisfied throughout the process. We test on all iPhone models from iPhone 6 and up, so we are sure the app is working properly. By doing it like this, we ensure that errors are corrected in the development process, so you can be absolutely safe when the app is ready to be launched.

We are of course ready to help, after the app has gone live. You may want to make minor adjustments or updates in the longer term, and we will be able to do so quickly and efficiently.


We support you through whole your journey, from start-up to launch, whether it’s your first app or number eighty. At no time are you left to yourself or without knowledge of what is going on or what we are going to work on next. The first step in the process is the preparation of detailed requirements specifications. If you haven’t tried to develop an app before, we’ll help you describe what functionalities your app will offer to users. Based on the requirements specifications, we can give you an approx. price and a time horizon for the task. Once you have approved the price and timeline, we begin a detailed planning.

We describe the technical requirements, wire frames throughout the app, database design and come up with suggestions for design. There will always be the opportunity to continuously make changes to the design so that it meets your requirements and wishes.

When the functionality is described and all expectations have been reconciled, we begin the development work. From the very beginning, we will agree on fixed dates for meetings. These meetings are called the Sprint Reviews. During a Sprint Review, the app will be shown in the current state, and we’ll discuss which tasks will be the next. We will typically hold 4-5 Sprint Reviews depending on the size of the app and the complexity.

Once the app is fully developed, the app will be handed over to you. You will then have all the rights to all the graphic material and the entire source code.

If you want to update or further develop the app in the long term, we are always available and ready to help and assist you. We like to give sparring on what can be developed and how we would like to solve the tasks.


Below are a few of the apps that we have helped to develop and maintain.